Quilts for Sale

The quilting group is a talented group of women who meet to create  beautiful projects.  These are offered below for sale.  Are you looking for a special gift?  Call Cheryll at 905-775-2447  Please check back regularly as new items are added.


 4 round placemats + 4 snowflake Trivets  $35.00 

Table Runner 17"X47"  $25.00  

12 Days of Christmas wall hanging/table runner  22"X42"  $30.00 

Wine Bottle Santa  $3.00   

18.5"X26"   $30.00 

20.5"X28.5"  $25.00  

20.5"X28.5"  $25.00  

Wall hanging  25"X25"  $25.00 

Other Holidays

These mini wall hangings are 6.5"X12.5" They have a hanging sleeve, each only $15.00 

Bring the luck of the Irish into your home with this mini wall hanging 6.5"X12.5".  It has a hanging sleeve and is only $15.00 

Carseat / Stroller Blankets
Children's Quilts

26.5"X38.5"  $40.00  

23.5"X35.5"  $40.00 

25.5"X37.5"  $40.00 

30.5"X43"   $45.00 

Baby quilt 36"X36"   $25.00 

Rag Flannel 58"X39"   $60.00 

Rag Flannel 40"X46"  $50.00 

Baby Quilt 37"X42.5  $75.00  

Baby Quilt 38"X44" $65.00 

Flannel Receiving Blanket   $15.00 

42"X42" Baby Quilt  $75.00 

42"X42" Baby Quilt  $75.00 

Baby Quilt   38"X38"  $30.00  

Full body bib   $8.00 

Bib  $4.00  

 Bib  $5.00 each 3 available 

Growth Chart 42.5"X23.5"  $35.00 

Growth Chart 13"X45"  $30.00 

Friendly Monsters Dresser Runner  15.5"X48"  $20.00 

I Spy Quilt 46.5"X46.5" $60.00

I Spy Quilt 46.5"X46.5" $70.00 

Bed Quilts

Twin bed quilt 63"X78" $300.00  

 Twin bed quilt 66"X75"  $250.00   

Twin bed quilt 57"x65"  $150.00 

Large quilt 67"X94.5"  $250.00 

Double Bed  69"X98"  $250.00 

Double Bed, pillow cases and decorator pillow   $300.00 

Queen sized bed quilt 101.5"X78.5" and 2 pillow shams  $500.00 

Queen sized bed quilt  86"X86"  $350.00 

Lap Quilts

Lap quilt 48"X60"  $125.00  

lap quilt 27"X38" suitable for a wheelchair  $45.00 

Home Accessories

These travel bags are 9"X7.5" and have a 2" base so they can stand upright.  They are fully lined and quilted with a batting inner layer.  $12.00 each 

Three 9"X7" stand up quilted bags $10.00 each and two flat 9"X6.5" non-quilted bags, which would be good for pencil cases $7.00 each.

These flat bags are lined, not quilted and would make great travel cases for jewelry etc.

​They are $8.00 each. 

4 Placemats  $25.00  

Set of 4 placemats   $25.00 

Table Runner 22"X46"  $25.00 

Table Runner  38.5"X12.5"    $30.00

Wall hanging 29"X29"  $25.00